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"With a well-balanced diet, regular exercises and appropriate supplements, I am able to lose 15 kg in 3 months!! I feel much younger, healthier and energetic with myself now. I would like to thank Vivianna for customizing a very comprehensive and easy-to-follow programme which allows me to meet my target in such a short period of time. I strongly believe that the best method to lose weight and stay young & healthy is through nutrition. I also truly agree that nutrition is the medicine of the future." - Ong Choon Wei


"I have had eczema since I was about 6 months old. I have tried many ways to improve and cure my eczema, but none had really succeeded in curing my eczema. After going to Vivianna, my eczema started to improve drastically. My eczema previously used to have weepy ankles and very bad eczema at my joint. The weepy ankles were very weepy to the point i could not wear socks and if i did, the socks would stick to my skin after some time and start bleeding when i peeled off my socks. Within a few months, I was able to wear socks without this problem of weeping ankles. The eczema on my joints such as my elbows and the back of the knees had cleared up drastically. I can only thank Vivianna for improving my eczema and clear it up drastically." Fion Yip (age 14)


"I have high cholesterol and high BP and on prescribed medicine for many years. Told my dtr I had been very careful with my diet and yet the cholesterol still above normal. She suggested to bring me to see the nutritionist. We visited Vivianna and she advised me on the recommended diet with right proportion. She also gave me some supplements. I followed her recommendations for 6 mths. Recently i had my blood tested and my cholesterol level back to normal. I hope to maintain this way. Thank you Vivianna." - Jane Chew


"I was having frequent gout attack in my toes and it was very painful and difficult to walk. I immediately cut my on my trigger foods, limited all red meats, seafood and drank lots of water. I also went to see my doctor. They gave me pain killers, creams and drugs to lower my uric acid. But the gout attack didn't seem to be subsiding. It keeps coming back. One day my girlfriend told me to try a supplement that was recommended by a renowned nutritionist. I tried the Lamberts Products and it was AMAZING! In just 3days I felt so good. No pain and no swollen foot! Until now there's no signs of gout attack. Thank you so much Food Advisory Group." - Mark Anthony Alejo

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