I consulted with vivianna, the principal nutritionist, with a list of health problems; including unable to eat, weight issues, menstral irregularity and frequent headaches. I’ve been to many specialist for my problems but none of them are able to make an accurate diagnosis and told me it’s no big issue to worry about. Vivianna is able to make me feel alive and changed me completely in just a month’s time, with her diet coaching and advices, I am full of energy and strength I’ve never anticipated I will have! I’m able to surpass my exercise regime without feeling lethargic, all the suffering symptoms are gone it’s amazing! I’m very happy i’ve made the right choice to see her, I will continue to see her on a regular basis till I’ve completely sort out all my health issues – Sarah P
I’ve begun to slowly try eating peanuts after these past weekends. Last night I tried a handful of peanuts, some slight reactions, a little itchiness but no rash or hives and my breathing was unaffected. I wouldn’t say a complete cure, but enough that I don’t think I will be having any life-threatening reactions. Thank you. I still have half of the pills and will continue to take them and see if there’s any further improvement.

3 months later � I haven’t had any trouble lately on my allergies but I am being careful. Your treatment appears to have worked well. Thank you. – Mr D Edenburn

My hubby is super overweight and wants to go for detox and subsequently slimming. Your detox programs are so easy, effective and convenient to use. He felt more energized and less fatigue now, I’ll try the detox on myself too. – Ms Larissa
With a well-balanced diet, regular exercises and appropriate supplements, I am able to lose 15 kgs in 3 months!! I feel much younger, healthier and energetic with myself now.  I would like to thank Vivianna for customising a very comprehensive and easy-to-follow programme which allows me to meet my target in such a short period of time.  I strongly believe that the best method to lose weight and stay young & healthy is through nutrition.  I also truly agree that nutrition is the medicine of the future.  – Ong Choon Wei
The detox was good, the bowel was good and I felt full of energy. Was walking up straight, the bowel has improved from tarry to black speck to dark and now brown. I am beginning to feel stomachache again, before that my intestine was not responding at all. – Ben Tan
I have high cholesterol and high BP and on prescribed medicine for many years.  Told my doctor I had been very careful with my diet and yet the cholesterol still above normal.  She suggested to bring me to see the Nutritionist. We visited Vivianna and she advised me on the recommended diet with the right proportion.  She also gave me some supplements.  I followed her recommendations for 6 mths.  Recently I had my blood tested and my cholesterol level back to normal.  I hope to maintain this way.  Thank you Vivianna.  – Jane Chew
For many years I’ve the diet that I thought was healthy, but I often feel lethargic and my cholesterol and glucose level are both beyond ideal. After consulting with you, i’ve begun to adjust my diet to your proper advice. 6 months later my glucose level has dropped to the optimum level and my cholesterol level has improved tremendously, thank you. I’m very happy to feel good and healthy now, my aches and pains have also disappear. I will certainly refer some of my friends to you for nutritional consultation.                 – Mr Chan
I’ve severe bloatedness, and I couldn’t eat a proper full meals for many years. With your nutritional advice and help with your health supplements customised for me, I’m able to eat a full meal without all the discomfort and are able to digest my food better. The last colonscopy I did with my doctor shows a clean report. Thank you for your help. – Desmond Tan
My medical test report has improved significantly since I consulted you and I’ve lost weight, feeling more energized and no longer feel any water retention. My sleep has improved so much and my metabolic level has increased due to your detox and slimming program. Thanks. – pei fang
Thank you for your nutritional guidance with the proper supplements I should be taking throughout my whole pregnancy, I wouldn’t have manage it well without your help, I’ve given birth to a healthy and beautiful son. – Rahayu
I was having frequent gout attack in my toes and it was very painful and difficult to walk.  I immediately cut on my trigger foods, limiting all red meats, seafood and drank lots of water.  I also went to see my doctor.  They gave me pain killers, creams and drugs to lower my uric acid.  But the gout attack didn’t seem to be subsiding.  It keeps coming back.  One day my girlfriend told me to try a few supplements that was recommended by a renowned Nutritionist.  I tried the product and it was AMAZING! In just 3 days I felt so good.  No pain and no swollen foot!! Until now there’s no signs of gout attack.  Thank you so much Food Advisory Group.  – Mark Anthony Alejo
Eczema – I highly recommend Food Advisory Group for your health improvement. Had Eczema for many months on my palms, fingers, toes and sole. Scaly and cracked skin was unbearable despite seeking treatments from National Skin Centre. Visited Ms Vivianna of Food Advisory Group just once and supplement was prescribed. Amazingly my eczema was cleared in 30 days! Thank you Vivianna! – Ronald Chng
We had a very informative and enjoyable nutrition talk conducted by you, now we know we are eating too much for the wrong food, and you’ve led us into a deeper understanding about ‘you are what you eat’, thank you – Corporate organisation.
I have had eczema since I was about 6 months old.  I have tried many ways to improve and cure my eczema, but none had really succeeded in curing my eczema.  After going to Vivianna, my eczema started to improve drastically.  My eczema previously used to have weepy ankles and very bad eczema at my joint.  The weepy ankles were very weepy to the point I could not wear socks and if I did, the socks would stick to my skin after some time and start bleeding when I peeled off my socks.  Within a few months, I was able to wear socks without this problem of weeping ankles.  The eczema on my points such as my elbows and the back of the knees had cleared up drastically.  I can only thank Vivianna for improving my eczema and clear up drastically.  – Fion Yip (age 14)
As many are unaware of what exactly eating right is, I strongly feel that I should have my voice out there to recommend your expertise as I have benefited from. “Since moving back to Singapore, my eczema has acted up due to a change in environment and an allergy reaction to certain food intake such as seafood which I had no signs of allergy when I was living in Australia. I also suffer from frequent severe gastric pain that requires me to see a doctor which is never in my favour as I only consulted a nutritionist back in Australia. However, it is just too costly to fly over for consultation. I was then recommended to consult you whom I admire your attention to detail on my first consultation as you questioned me on my lifestyle and eating habits, which lead you to identify the root of the problem. Through your expertise and recommended health supplements catered to my condition, for 6 months now, I am experiencing continuous improvement not only on the eczema and gastric issues but my overall health. The best part is, I have no problem eating seafood now, of course this has been over the months of introducing little portion of seafood into my body with the help of the health supplements that you have recommended. I am now eating right and living well. Also, with the natural plant based skin care products which have helped in rejuvenating my skin to looking youthful again! Thank you! – Valencia Taye